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Capitalize trex when you are using it as a proper noun, such as a specific thing or trademark.

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2011-09-08 21:52:21
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Q: When to capitalize the word trex as in trex decking?
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Is Trex Decking safe for dogs?

is trex decking safe for dogs?

Is Trex decking green?

Yes. Trex Decking is made from recycled materials and is made using green manufacturing processes, with recycled factory runoff and no smokestacks. You can find more information about Trex decking at

Where could one buy Trex decking?

Trex branded decking can be purchased from any major home improvement retailer. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's sell all kinds of decking materials, including Trex.

Who sings Comin' Home Baby in trex decking commercial?

Mel torme' - 1962

Who is singing Baby im coming home in the Trex Decking tv commercial?

Mel Torme - "Comin' Home Baby"

Can you use calcium chloride to melt the ice on a composite deck?

Trex manufacturers composite decking material. Here is their recommendation. Calcium chloride or rock salt, available in many home centers, will melt ice on Trex decking. Rinse off when first practical. I have found it difficult to be certain if I am purchasing the correct material. yes

What decking product would you provide the longest life and would require the least maintenance when building a deck?

Trex,found at local lumber supply

Do you capitalize the word at in a title?

No you shouldn't capitalize the word at in a title?

Do you capitalize the word planetarium?

do you capitalize the word protestant

What is the song in the new TREX decking commercial?

"I'm Coming Home Baby" by PMC All Stars. Try the original vocal version of "Comin' Baby" by Mel Torme.

What Is Trex Decking?

Sold by popular department stores like The Home Depot, Trex decking is a popular means of construction for a backyard. Many happy consumers have utilized Trex manufactured materials to create beautiful outdoor living arrangements. It is actually very interesting and cost-efficient.Trex cares for mother nature and your walletAs opposed to utilizing wood from trees which give humans oxygen, Trex decks are made from a PVC composite with a textured surface that gives the appearance of an ordinary wooden deck. It requires very little maintenance, unlike a wooden deck which continuously leaves you worrying about rotting, splintering or sanding to preserve a sleek look.Implementing a Trex deck makes tools for an old-fashioned deck obsolete. Selling these items at a garage sale can give you extra cash! Trex has plenty of options in regard to colorWhether you want the modest tones of cayenne or the more smokey shades of burnished amber, Trex decking supplies you two options for the perfect deck experience.If you have a house painted with a darker tone, the burnished amber color of deck material provides the best integration. Trex complements a house of any size or shapeAs Trex is the contemporary option for the eco-friendly consumer, one may believe that there are limitations for creative input or style when installation commences. This is certainly not the case! Trex decking is implemented in a multitude of creative ways to make you one happy individual when the project reaches its climax.The Home Depot has a bountiful set of ideas and suggestions through a style guide for Trex buyers. Trex also supplies railing for child safetyIf one of your family members is prone to falling off of the side, Trex also supplies ample railing materials for installation on the deck or other surfaces at a high elevation. With the company's integrity and the product's durability in mind, you can have peace of mind knowing Trex supplies great security for any person of any age.Utilizing a length with a minimum of three feet for your railing makes for a safe and fashionable addition on a deck or balcony. Trex decking has ushered in a new era for home owners with a style on equal grounds with any high-rated wood manufacturer. Even better, you do not have to feel guilty when it comes to chopping down trees, or worry about the many hassles with conventional wooden decking.

What are some companies that make low maintenance decking materials and do they have websites with more information?

Trex, Fiberon, TimberTech and CorrectDeck all make low maintenance decking materials and have an online presence. You can find them at,, and

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