When to prune spring blooming chrysanthemums?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When to prune spring blooming chrysanthemums?
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Do you prune chrysanthemums for winter?

After your chrysanthemums are done blooming, you can prune them down and mulch them.

When do you prune chrysanthemums?

I like to do it in the spring when you see new growth, but if you don't want to wait, you can do it in the fall after the leaves turn brown.

Can you prune chrysanthemums if they are already blooming?

Prune your mums until 4th of July. That will help them get larger flowers and the plant will be bushier.

Lilac not blooming?

Lilac that is trimmed at the wrong time will not flower. Prune after flowering, do not prune in spring.

Can you prune chrysanthemums in early spring?

It is best to prune mums in early spring and early summer to make them bushier and with more flowers in fall.

Should you prune chrysanthemums in early winter?

It is not recommended to prune chrysanthemums in early winter. It is best to prune them in spring and remove all the dead parts. However, you should water them if the weather is above freezing.

When to prune?

When in doubt, the best time to prune is during or right after blooming. I like to prune during the blooming time because then I can bring the beautiful blooms into the house. The rule is if it flowers before July prune after flowering. If it flowers after July prune it the following Spring. This works. If you prune during blooming you will cut the flowers off.

How do you prune fall chrysanthemums?

You can prune chrysanthemums back after they flower in fall.

How early is safe to prune chrysanthemums in fall?

It is best to shape the plant in spring and early summer.

When is the best time to prune a weeping cherry tree?

Depending on where you live the best time is in the fall when trees are starting to go dormant. The previous answer is wrong. Weeping cherries bloom profusely unless you prune it in the fall. You should prune it (and all spring blooming trees) in the spring after the blooming is finished.

Can you prune chrysanthemums in the summer months?

Don't prune your chrysanthemums after July 1st. Otherwise they won't bloom in the fall.

Can you prune your chrysanthemums?

You can prune your chrysanthemum but you need to do it at the correct time or you will not get flowers.