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Q: When two groups of organisms independently evolve similar adaptations its called convergent evolution. Sharks and whales both have streamlined bodies and tail flukes. How do we know that these simila?
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Type of evolution in which unrelated organisums independently evolve smilarities when adapting to similar environments?

Convergent Evolution

How do organisms that are not related now appear similar?

This is called analogous traits. When two different types of organisms are in the same type of environment, usually geographically separated, they come up with very similar adaptions to their local environment.

Do creationists believe in convergent evolution?

No. You can't define the evolution of a single species as convergent. Rather convergent evolution is a comparison of the evolution of two or more groups of organism, which independently evolve similar adaptations. The evolution of birds, bats, and pterosaurs is an example of convergent evolution: in all three groups the forelimbs developed into wings.

Is the eye an example of convergent evolution?

Yes. For instance, vertebrates and octopuses evolved a very similar type of eye, independently from one another.

How do you use convergent evolution in a sentence?

Convergent evolution means that different species have evolved to do the same sort of thing. Those two animals show convergent evolution. Convergent evolution explains why they look so much alike.

What is the name of the process when two unrelated species develop similar adaptations due to having similar niches or environments?

Convergent evolution

Find one example of convergent evolution among the Caminalcules?

2 examples of convergent evolution among caminacules

What are similar features thast evolved through convergent evolution?

Convergent evolution is the term used to describe the phenomenon of similar traits occurring in groups or species that are not closely related. This usually occurs when unrelated groups develop a trait independently of one another due to similar evolutionary pressures. An example of convergent evolution is the presence of wings in birds and bats. Bats are a mammal and are not closely related to birds but both have wings to fill the same purpose, flight.

Why are adaptations evidence of evolution?

Because adaptations are an observed effect of evolution. They could not happen if evolution did not occur.

What is the difference between evolution and convergent evolution?

Evolution is the general theory itself, by which organisms change and adapt over time. Convergent evolution is a specific proces in which similar traits appear in unrelated organisms. For example, insects and birds both have wings but the two evolved independent of each other. That's convergent evolution.

Does convergent evolution lead to the DNA similarities of chimpanzees and humans?

No, convergent evolution happens when two distinctly different species develop similar adaptations because of similar environmental pressures. For example, both bugs and bats have wings, but one is an insect and the other is a mammal. Chimps and humans have similar DNA because they share a common ancestor--i.e., we are genetic cousins.

The independent evolution of the advanced cephalopod eye and the eye of a vertebrate is know as?

convergent evolution