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The process is called "adaptation."

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Convergent evolution.

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Q: How do species become adapted to their environment?
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How do species interact with their environment?

A species either survives in its environment or the environment kills it.if a species is well adapted to the environment it thrives.

What are two different bird species that are adapted to obtain food in their environment?

There are many different bird species that are adapted to obtain food in their environment. Finches are an excellent example.

What would most likely occur if a species is adapted to an environment then the environment changes quickly?

Most of said species die, if there is a favorable mutation existent in the population that characteristic will become more prevalent. If not the species will most likely go extinct.

The particular environment to which a particular species is adapted is its what?

Itś hard to tell, but the answer is not habitat.

How have seed plants become adapted to the enviornment?

Seed plants became adapted to the environment with our great climate. :)

Why did species of organisms change over time?

Its Evolution, so it is to make the species more adapted to its environment, all animals go through evolution, but some do stop for a while if there is no need for the animal to no longer adapt, and is sutible for its environment already. for example, if polar bears were not near snow, and instead in Africa, everntually there coats will no longer be white, and become less thick.

If the environment changes quickly and no individual members of a species are able to survive in the new environment then the species will what?

become extinct.

What is the limpet adaptations?

adaptations is the change in a species to help it to become better suited to its environment. these include structural, physiological and behavioral adaptations. limpets have adapted to survive on rocks and eat bird poos.

How can many species of birds be adapted to live in the same Environment?

Birds can adapt to live in all environments.

How has Chile adapted to their environment?

cacti are adapted to their environment

How is a dog adapted to its environment?

How is a dog adapted to its environment

How does the environment impact species survival?

If the species environment is not the way the species needs it to survive then the species will become extinct. for example, if doesn't have any trees, then it cant survive.