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When using excel, always start your formulas with an "=" (equal) sign.

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Q: When using Excel formula always begins with what?
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Can you hide rows in Excel using a formula or a condition statement?

No, not with a formula. What you can do is use the Filter facility to hide records, which are always in rows. Using an Advanced Filter, you can extract data from an overall set.

What is user generated formula in Excel?

It is a formula that the user creates themselves, instead of using the built-in functions.

What is the formula for calculating constant growth model using excel?


Formula could be edited in excel using?

You can click on it in the Formula Bar near the top of screen, or you can press the F2 key.

A predefined formula a formula that excel has already built for you. that performs calculations by using specific values in particular order?

It is a function

When you copy a formula using the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar Excel uses what to temporarily store the formula?

The Clipboard.

What best describes the result of using the fill handle on a cell containing a formula in Excel?

It is used to copy the formula down or across.

Can you create formulas in Excel using the mouse?

Not entirely, but you can use a mouse to select ranges you include in a formula.

How do you calculate fat in milk using Excel formula in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

You would first need to know how the fat in milk is calculated and have a formula for it. You would need to know what values are needed to do it. Then you would need to get the values you need and enter them into cells in the spreadsheet. Using these cell references to build your formula, you could do the calculation.

How can you keep a part of a formula the same when copying a formula in another cell on excel?

By using absolute or mixed references. See the related question below.

What is the definition Point Mode for Excel 2007?

In Excel it allows you to enter formulas using the mouse, by clicking on cells as you type a formula, instead on typing the cell references.

How do you specify that the cells containing formulas well display the formula but not the result of the formula?

Under the formulas tab, there is an option called "Show Formulas" in Formula Auditing. This applies for Excel 2010 (what I am using) and should apply for Excel 2003 and 2007 as well. For older options (or if there is no such option in Excel 2003/2007, search for something similar).

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