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It is possible because it will cause an inquiry on your credit report. But there are a list of other factors to determine if it will cause your scores to drop. 1. How often has your credit been pulled in the last 90 days. 2. How is your credit. Also a utility company can help you establish your credit if you get the account.

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Q: When utility companies ask permission to do a credit check on you does this hurt your credit?
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Is there legal recourse if your credit is checked without permission?

No. Companies often check your credit report to see if you match their offer for credit. Get on the privacy alerts services and they stop that from happening. I have LifeLock and no one gets to my files unless I want them to.

Is it required for insurance to check your credit?

Some companies check for credit and others do not. The larger companies like Allstate and Nationwide check. Small ones like AlfaVision do not.

What companies offer a free credit report check?

There are many companies that offer a free credit report check. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Equifax Solutions, Experian, and Transunion. All three of these companies will provide you with a free credit report check.

How do you check your spouse' credit without them knowing?

You can do it online with one of the credit companies.

Can credit card companies seize your unemployment check?


What companies offer a no credit check cash loan?

There are only a couple of companies that offer a no credit check cash loan. The most popular is Money Mart, they offer quick cash loans without having to check your credit.

Can employer ask for credit check?

They don't have to ask. Your application for employment gave them permission to check your credit. It's always in the small print on the application.

Where can one apply for no credit check military loans?

Military loans can be applied for by telephoning the participating companies. They are offered on a basis that there will be no credit check. The companies do not ask what the loan is for and can be used to build your credit rating.

What do companies generally check for in a background check?

they check for credit history criminal medical record

Where can i get loans with no credit check?

There are numerous companies that you can find online that are offering no credit check loans. For example: or

Which US companies carry out credit check monitoring?

There are several companies that do credit check monitoring in the US. A few of these include Citibank's Identity Monitor, LifeLock and Identity Guard.

How do you check the meter?

Contact you utility companies; water, gas etc. they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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