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Aaron Copland School of Music was created in 1937.

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Q: When was Aaron Copland School of Music created?
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Was aaron copland in an orchestra?

Aaron Copland composed music for the orchestra.

What has the author Aaron Copland written?

Aaron Copland has written: 'What to listen for in music'

What genre did Aaron Copland write?

Not sure if this will help but Aaron Copland composed concert and film music.

Why was Aaron Copland was sinifigent to music?

it was i do not no this answer kk

What style of music was aaron copland know for?

Aaron Copland was know for being a 20th century artist but was also know as a romantic for his beautiful music.

What were aaron copland inspiration to write music?

his sister

How did music change because of Aaron Copland?

It hasn't.

What are five facts about Aaron Copland?

he was the man that made American music

What period did Aaron Copland write in?

20th Century Orchestral Music

Where did Aaron Copland study music?

He studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

How old was Aaron Copland when he started piano?

Aaron Copland was 13 years old when he began to receive piano lessons. ref The Oxford Companion to Music

Which films feature music composed by Aaron Copland?

Aaron Copland's music is featured in films such as Of Mice and Men,The Heiress,The North Star and The Red Pony. He was most famous for his ballet and symphonic works.

What was aaron copland known for?

Aaron Copland is considered the Father of American Classical Music, infusing a uniquely American sound using jazz rhythms and string parts reminiscent of American fiddle music.

What two composers wrote uniquely American music?

Aaron Copland and George Gershwin

Why was aaron copland better than pyotr tchaikovsky?

If you like Copland's music more than Tchaikovsky's, then he's better. If you don't, he isn't.

Qwhat is the famous piece of music written by aaron copland?

Appalacian (spelled wrong) Spring

Who holds the copyright for The Tender Land by Aaron Copland?

Simple: Aaron Copland, and in the case of his death, his estate.Published music is automatically copyrighted by the composer, and does not become eligible for public domain until at least 70 years after death. Since Copland died in 1990, his music is copyrighted in the US until the year 2060.

Where was Aaron Copland bride?

He didn't have one, he was a gay. he traveled the world playing music with is gay friends.

Similarities between niccolo paganini and aaron copland?

They were both composers. That is the only similarity. Paganini was a virtuoso violin performer of his own music, a superstar of his day. Aaron Copland was a composer who wrote symphonic and film music, operas, very much vocal music and some chamber pieces.

What strange music did Aaron Copland write in his years of life?

he wrote polly wooly doodle all the day.

Did Aaron Copland have any siblings?

Aaron Copland was the youngest of five children in his family. His mother was a singer and made all her children take music lessons. However, his brother Ralph and sister Laurine were the only two, besides Aaron, to pursue musical degrees and careers

Which nationalistic composer enthralled with the wild west and the American frontier used these themes in his classical music?

Try Aaron Copland

How did Aaron Copland take full advantage of the new technologies in the early 20th century?

You must be in my music class :P

What kind of music did Aaron Copland write?

He was a composer who inspired many young American composers. He wrote songs with ballet and orchestral music to choral music and movie scores.

This 1943 Agnes de mille ballet danced to music by aaron copland has a cowgirl as it's heroine?

Rodeo, a favorite of mine.