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When was Al-Amin born?

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Al-Amin was born in 787.

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Mga bahagi ng pangungusap?

alamin ang pangungusap

What are the parts of a card catalogue?

the parts of a card catalog are TITE alamin nyo....HAHAHA....

Mabisang pangangasiwa ng tahanan Translation Effective management of the home?

English translation of Question per Google Translate: Effective management of the home 1.dapat alamin ang bawat kasapi ng pamilya 2.alamin ang bawat kaugalian nila. Per Google Translator this answer reads: 1.dapat know every member of the family 2.alamin each practice them.

Alamin ang buhay ni Alexander the great?

si Alexander the great ay BAKLA !

Alamin ang bahagi ng kasarian ng lalaki?

ano kakayahanng bawat kasarian

Alamin ang buhay ni mahat?

ano ang buhay ni mahat mahande

What is the birth name of Al Ibrahim?

Al Ibrahim's birth name is Muhammad Alamin Ibrahim.

Araling panlipunan sa high school?

Alamin ang konsepto ng pag unlad

Alamin ang tiyak na kinalalagyan ng palawan?

tiyak na kinalalagyan ng palawan

Alamin ang ibat ibang rehiyon ng pilipinas?

iba't ibang rehiyon sa pilipinas

How is gay lussac's law used in everyday life?

hahah!!hirap alamin eh!!sa susunod!

How do you say thank Allah in Arabic?

Translation: Hamdullah (حمد الله) The Expert Answer that says "Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil 'alamin" (حمد الله رب العالمين) translates to "Thank Allah, Lord of the Worlds"

Alamin ang klima ng pilipinas?

uri ng punong kahow sa kagubatan punong kahowsa pilipinas

Alamin ang mga hirarkiya ng pagpapahalaga?

Ang ibig sabagin nito ay maging madisplina sa sarili

Who is sheikh mohamed umal?

A Somali sheikh. He finished the quran at the age of 9-10. One of the biggest alamin in the continent of Africa.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lalia - 1999?

The cast of Lalia - 1999 includes: Hadijetu Alamin as Voz Lalia Kentawyiya Bachir as Lalia

What country in Africa has the best soccer team?

nigeria because nigeria is the best country in this universe and alamin is the best child child player in nigeria.

Ano ang kasaysayan ng panitikan sa mindanao?

bakit kailangan alamin ang mga akdang pampinitikang sumasalamin sa mindanao

What were the locations of the major World War 2 battles?

-D-Day: Normandy, France (Omaha Beach esp.) -Battle of El Alamin: Suez canal, Egypt

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