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When was Alhassan Dantata born?

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Alhassan Dantata was born in 1877.

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Alhassan Dantata died on 1955-08-17.

Sanusi Dantata was born in 1919.

Awal Alhassan was born in 1980.

Alhassan Kamara was born on 1993-01-13.

Alhassan Nuhu was born on 1989-06-04.

Kalif Alhassan was born on 1990-10-15.

Meisuna Alhassan was born on 1990-05-16.

Masahudu Alhassan was born on 1992-12-01.

Mohammed Alhassan was born on 1984-01-09.

Karimu Alhassan was born on 1991-04-30.

Alhassan Bako Zaku was born on 1951-01-18.

Abdul Naza Alhassan was born on 1990-06-17.

Sanusi Dantata died on 1997-04-15.

Aliko dangote he is the richer betteer than aminu dantata

Two sons (Alhassan and AlHussein)

Alhassan Atta-Quayson has written: 'Assessment of Ghana's progress towards the achievement of the targets of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as at the mid-point mark in July 2007'

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he is a favorite and respected dantata family member related to aliko dangote. his MRS GROUP is consisted of a variety of companies broadly ranging from investments to oil trading & wide distribution. he could easily enter Forbes' Billionaire manifest at any time, however he is waiting for the right moment.

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