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American Christian Television System was created in 1980.

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Q: When was American Christian Television System created?
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When was Christian Television System created?

Christian Television System was created in 1997.

When did American Christian Television System end?

American Christian Television System ended in 2003.

When was Aboriginal Christian Television System created?

Aboriginal Christian Television System was created on 2007-06-15.

When was Yamagata Television System created?

Yamagata Television System was created in 1970.

When was Crossroads Television System created?

Crossroads Television System was created in 1998.

When was System Crash - TV series - created?

System Crash - TV series - was created in 1999.

When was Chinese Television System created?

Chinese Television System was created on 1971-10-31.

When was Tokyo Broadcasting System Television created?

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television was created on 2000-03-21.

When was The American International School System created?

The American International School System was created in 2007.

When was American Public University System created?

American Public University System was created in 1991.

Who created the American system?

The person who created the American System was no other than Henry Clay. He improvised it.

Will an American PS2 with American games work in New Zealand?

Connected to an American TV it should work fine offline. The system has no way of knowing where it is located and only the power system in some areas with a 220 volt system would need to use transformers

Can you play American PS3 cds on a Indian PS3?

no they are designed to work on a different TV system

Who created color tv?

A German patent in 1904 contained the earliest recorded proposal for a color television system. In 1925, Zworykin filed a patent disclosure for an all-electronic colour television system.

When was the American system created?

1824 by Henry Clay

What form of government created the federal reserve system?

The American Republic created the first federal reserve system.

Will an American Wii game work on a Australian Wii console?

No it will not. They are different formats. American is NTSC (National Television System Commitee). Australian is PAL (Phase Alternate Line).

Why was the criminal justice system created?

The American justice system was created to lock up all the criminals and scumbags of america.

Were was the television created?

The credit for the first working television system goes to John Logie Baird who demonstrated the first working television in 1925 in England. In 1929, the BBC began broadcasting television to the public which represented the first ever scheduled television service. However, it's not quite as simple as one place. Baird started his work in Scotland, so part of the creation was done there. He used ideas of Russian inventors who were living in Europe. They contributed parts of the system but did not produce a working system. Then Philo Farsnworth, an American, demonstrated the first fully electronic television system in 1929. He took the technology forward by eliminating moving parts but his was not the first working system. So, there is a choice of countries to consider.

Who created the plan that became known as the American system?

Henry Clay

What early American civilization created its own system of hieroglyphics?

The Mayans.

Who was Vladimir K. Zworykin?

Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin was a Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television technology. Zworykin invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes.

Can you play Australian PS3 games on an American PS3 console?

Yes, PS3 games are region-free and can play games from anywhere as long as your system is compatible with your TV.

Where was TV invented and where is it used?

TV was invented in Hastings and London, England, by Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird. Proof of concept was established and actual live transmissions made , but the final system adopted was nothing like Baird's mechanical system. An electronic system was used and pioneered by EMI, from original work by American inventor Philo Farnsworth.

Will an American television work in the United Kingdom?

No it wont. Our TV system uses a 'frame rate' of 50 frames per second - the US uses 60. Additionally, the US mains voltage is different to ours.