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August 4, 1944.

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Q: When was Anne Frank arrested?
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Who arressted Anne Frank?

Karl Silbebauer arrested Anne Frank in August4,1944

Where did anne frank go right after she was arrested?

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When was Anne Frank arrested by the Nazis?

4 August 1944

What age did Anne Frank get arrested?

She was 15 years old.

When did Anne Frank get arrested?

Anne Frank was captured on the 4th of August 1944 between 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning

What is the falling action in the diary of anne frank?

In "The Diary of Anne Frank" the falling action is when everyone is arrested. After that, they are all taken away.

What day was Anne Frank arrested by the Nazis?

4 August 1944.

What happened to anne frank when she was discovered?

After Anne Frank was discovered she was arrested. She and her family were sent to concentration camps where they died. Her father is the only one who survived.

What year was Anne Frank arrested?

AnswerShe got caught in August 4,1944 by the Gestapo

What is the date of Anne Frank being arrested for hiding?

4 August 1944

What happened to anne frank family when they were found?

They were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

What happened on August 4 1944?

Anne Frank and her family gets arrested

What day did Anne Frank get Caputred?

She was arrested on the morning of 4th August 1944.

How was anne frank captured?

She was captured by the gestapo and she was arrested with her family and the rtest of the people in hiding.

Why was Anne Frank arrested for?

She was arrested, imprisoned and sent to a Nazi camp for being a Jew during the Holocaust under the power of Hitler.

What happened to Mr.Frank after he got arrested by the nazi police in the diary of Anne Frank?

he didn't die, but he published Anne Franks diary.

Who arrested anne frank?

It was a S.S. officer who's name's Karl Silberbauer. He died in 1972.

Why did Anne Frank get arrested?

Because she was a Jew and her family was hiding. That's illegal, according to the Nazis.

What year did they find anne frank and family?

Those in the annex were arrested on August 1, 1944.

Did Anne Frank write in her diary in the camp?

no her last diary entry was written before she was arrested

When anne frank went into a concentration camp?

she went into a concentration camp when her family was arrested in 1944

How old was anne frank when she comes out of the Annex?

She was 15 when she was arrested, the only time she came out of the annexe.

Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

What are some unusual facts about Anne Frank?

Did You Know? Anne loved ballet Anne's last meal was potatoes and soup Anne's full name was Annelies Marie Frank Anne was arrested in August 1944 Anne died from typhus in 1945 -Anonymous

What month and year did Anne Frank and others found by the Nazis?

Anne Frank and her family was arrested on the morning of the 4th of August 1944 by the German Police who followed a tip from an informer who was never identified.