When was Aous Shakra born?

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Aous Shakra was born on 1908-04-22.

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Q: When was Aous Shakra born?
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When did Aous Shakra die?

Aous Shakra died on 1992-04-01.

What does the name aous mean?

aous is a great ruler of the middle east....he was a really honest and kind hearted man...he helped the prophet mohammed in his conquest....

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What meaning has the shakra?

A sandskrit word shakra means wheel in the mystycal physiology of yoga shakras are at the wheels center or knots of psychic forces situated all along the vertabral column and in parts of the body such as the head chest and the groin area their function is to maintain the communication between the cosmos and the and the person and are the salient points of the subtle body

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she is a girl with light gray skin,a blue cloak and hoodie with a black leotard underneath NOT A BATHING SUIT!!! She also has a gem stone on her third eye (or ajna shakra,or pianel glan) that holds her imprisoned Father.

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No. (No means No). The Holy Spirit leads and guides into all truth (There is a Holy Spirit). We are to Test the "spirits". We are to Not lean on our Own understanding (as it may be wrong, flawed and incomplete, Those who say im not or cant be wrong thus are ). Bible says Let all men (women and child) be a lie but GOD (the father, JEHOVA,I AM, Creator, BOSS, GOD of Israel, Isiac and Jacob ect ect ) Be True. Again: Let all men and women be a lie but GOD be true. JESUS is Lord Made so by GOD and allowed and accepted to be by me, a knowing believer.

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