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Apostolic Faith Mission Church of God was created in 1906.

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Apostolic Faith Church was created in 1906.

Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa was created in 1908.

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith was created in 1919.

Prophetess Mother Christinah Mokotudi Nku is the founder of St John's Apostolic Faith Mission. Prophet Archbishop Dr P.J Masango as the head of the church. Prophet Archbishop Dr P.T Matsoso is the guardian of the church

You can find Father Masango St' John's Apostolic Faith Mission in Lesotho and it is lead by the honourable Dr Archbishop Matsoso... Take note that they differ we have those who attend the annual conference in Evaton and they are known as St John's Apostolic Church of Prophecy. We have the group who meet in Katlehong and they are St John's Apostolic Faith Mission and they are led by Archbishop Maragu.

Yes the New Apostolic Church faith does line up with biblical teachings. The leaders of the New Apostolic Church are called apostles.

Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus was created in 1925.

The four marks of the Church are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. They all of them pertain to unity of faith.

She was Apostolic its a non-denominational Christian Religion. The name of the Church is The Holy Temple Church Of the Lord Jesus Christ Of the Apostolic Faith

All Faith Church was created in 1766.

Church of God by Faith was created in 1914.

Faith Community Baptist Church was created in 1986.

The apostolic church of the faith in Christ.

Faith Church St. Louis was created in 2004.

The Old Apostolic Faith is the only faith that leads to soul salvation I see the Old Apostolic Church as 'a way of life'. Although it is a Spiritual church, it proves to come in very handy when I apply my Spiritual thoughts to my natural life. We don't see the Bible as 'natural' but see it in a Spiritual way which, personally, makes alot more sense than what is plainly written in black and white. You could almost say we pay attention to the story behind the story... I am what we call a 'born-Apostolic' (Born in - and brought up in this church) and wouldn't exchange my faith in this Church for anything in the world!

Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ was created in 1959.

One holy, catholic, and apostolic church.Roman Catholic AnswerThe essential core of the Catholic faith is Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, who, along with the Holy Spirit dwells in the Church and the faith as its head.

a confession of faith is something the youth in the old apostolic church get before they get confirmed so they have a better understanding of their believes An excerpt goes as follows: "...WE the administering, through the living for the dead, of the three holy sacraments unto the souls in the realm of the dead..."

To say that the Church is apostolic is to say that the Church can exhibit, as an historical fact, that she possesses lawful and uninterrupted succession of her Bishops from the Apostles. Her faith, worship, and discipline remaining ever the same in all essential things. The only church, amongst the myriad of churches in existence today, that can do this is the Catholic Church.

didn't think there was a new apostolic church....we have the same beliefs as pentecostle church.....we go by the bible and live day by day trying to be faithful and trusting god ....i read that apostolic faith believe they are the only way to heaven ....thats not true .....god is our only judge and he will say who makes heaven and who dont .....god loves everyone and its so nieve for some to think that apostolic is the only way ...gods word which is the bible is the only way obey it.. and we are on the right tract with god ....its not the religion but how you live your life for god ....have a great day..and remember god is good..:)

You should have freedom of Religion so that the One, Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church, The Catholic Church, can continue to openly spread love, faith, charity, and hope throughout the world.

Catholics the world over have declared their love, faith and consistency in the Catholic Church. Effectively they have said "we need and want the catholic faith and the church that supports it."Catholics have a mission to evangelize. This means that we they want to share their faith and church with others. In other words everyone needs the Catholic Church, however, some have not yet come to that realization.

* of or relating to or deriving from the Apostles or their teachings

In 1891, the Harcourt group created the Harcourt Evangelical Lutheran Church. A pastor was first hired in 1893. In 1963, the name of the church was changed to Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church.