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Arizona State University Sun Devil Marching Band was created in 1915.


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They don't....they play at the University of Phoenix stadium Correction. The Cards have never played at the University of Arizona. UofA (wildcats) is in Tucson. Arizona State University, located in Tempe, play in Sun Devil Stadium (ASU Sun Devils)

Sparky the Sun Devil is the official mascot of Arizona State University

Sparky is the mascot of the Arizona State University Sun Devil teams. Sparky became the school's mascot in 1946. Prior to being called the Sun Devils, Arizona State University teams were 'Bulldogs' and, before that, 'Owls'.

The Cardinals' stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium, is located in Glendale, Arizona. It opened in 2005 to replace the Sun Devil Stadium they previously played at.

The college that has a stadium named Sun Devil Stadium is Arizona State University. The Stadium is of course named for their mascot. They adopted the mascot Sun Devil back in 1946 after previous mascots not working out.

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