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Arizona State University at the West campus was created in 1984.


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Arizona State University at the Tempe campus was created in 1885.

Arizona State University at the Polytechnic campus was created in 1996.

Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix campus was created in 2006.

Oregon State University Cascades Campus was created in 2001.

Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona. The campus is located midway between Phoenix and Mesa.

Texas State University Round Rock Campus was created in 2005.

Arizona State University was created on 1885-02-26.

Arboretum at Arizona State University was created in 1990.

Ohio State University, New York University, Liberty University, and Arizona State University

Located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona State University (ASU) is considered to have an urban campus.

Missouri State University Branch Campus Dalian was created in 2000-06.

No. of Students: Arizona State University Size of Campus: Liberty University

San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus was created in 1959.

Arizona State University Art Museum was created in 1950.

Old Main - Arizona State University - was created in 1898.

Arizona State University Sun Devil Marching Band was created in 1915.

There is no 'Phoenix State University' in Arizona. There are the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, and Northern Arizona University, among a few others.

* Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute Wooster, Ohio * Ohio State University: Columbus Campus Columbus, OH * Ohio State University: Lima Campus Lima, OH * Ohio State University: Mansfield Campus Mansfield, OH * Ohio State University: Marion Campus Marion, OH * Ohio State University: Newark Campus Newark, OH

There is a wide variety of degrees that you can pursue at Arizona State University. You can earn a certificate, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and a doctoral degree both at their campus and through their online courses.

For 2010-2011 school year Arizona State University at just over 58,000 students

The largest stage in the United States is Gammage auditorium on the Arizona State University campus.

University of Arizona is in Tucson and Arizona State University is in Tempe.

The University of Arizona has 138 basketball victories, and Arizona State University has 78 basketball victories.

Arizona State UniversityNorthern Arizona UniversityUniversity of Arizona.

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