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Baker's Dozen Donuts was created in 1978.

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A dozen is twelve. There are 12 donuts in a dozen donuts. ^ unless its a bakers dozen.. then its 13.

A bakers dozen is (13) thirteen Please see the related link below.

Bakers Dozen got its name for a chef name Michael Dozen

2 and a third dozen. 2 and two thirteenth bakers dozen. a dozen is twleve a bakers dozen is 13

In the past when you asked the baker for a dozen of whatever, you would always get an extra (thirteen), making it a bakers dozen.

a dozen is 12. a bakers dozen is 13.

No, thirteen in a baker's dozen

A dozen is 12. For an example a dozen donuts

A baker's dozen is equal to 13. So there are 13 hot cross buns in a bakers dozen.

twelve, but a bakers dozen is thirteen

A bakers dozen is 13. Bakers used to sell 13 to the dozen because the loaves of bread were not all exactly the same size.

gross + score + bakers dozen = 144 + 20 +13 = 177

Cost for making a dozen donuts is 1.8 dollars. Therefore the cost for making 5 dozens is 9 dollars. This implies that the profit one gets after selling five dozen donuts is 10.95 dollars.

A dozen is 12. A baker's dozen is typically 13, but it less standard than a regular dozen.

12 is a dozen of anything dogs or donuts.

Bakers bake any kind of pastries. Which are cakes, exuberance, pies, candy , fudge, donuts, and more!

It depends on the place. Dunken Donuts is 2.00 bucks. Dunken Donuts is the cheapest. :)

13 loaves in a Bakers Dozen.

It all depends on what kinds of donuts you have. If its filled it will weigh more than plain donuts. In general a dozen donuts will weigh anywhere between 2-4lbs, more if filled and depending on toppings.

12 pieces = 1 dozen plus 1 for the baker

Never heard of "bakers score" and "bakers gross", a bakers dozen is 13 because bakers used to throw in an extra bun for example if you ordered 12 buns, a baker would throw in one more making it thirteen, a score is 20 and a gross is 144, so if you go with the "bakers dozen" rule I suppose you add one to a score and one to a gross.

There are 12 of anything in a dozen - you might be thinking of the idiom "a baker's dozen" which is a way of saying 13 items.

13 in a BD = 13 in a Bakers Dozen

13 loaves in a bakers dozen