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Drag City - record label - was created in 1989.

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Yes turn it into an audio file mp3 then drag and drop into itunes. TO post music you would need a record label

Drag Me to Hell was created on 2009-08-18.

Redding Drag Strip was created in 1955.

Drag - film - was created on 1929-07-21.

Drag Race - album - was created on 2010-03-30.

Drag - Red Aunts album - was created in 1994.

Slow Drag - album - was created on 1967-05-12.

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Drag Racer - video game - was created in 2003.

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Demos - Imperial Drag album - was created on 2005-05-02.

Drag - k.d. lang album - was created on 1997-06-10.

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Drag racing (1954) is from slang sense of "wagon, buggy" (1755), because a horse would drag it. By 1851 this was transferred to "street," as in the phrase main drag, and it was adopted by hot rodders for "race on city streets." Dragster is also from 1954. edit: drag racing does not imply it is on city streets, it can be closed course and normally is

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Drag if friend and foe of aircraft. it is created by wing flaps or feathering of propeller blades.

337.54 MPH set by the king himself tony schumacher. he holds the record for fastest MPH in NHRA history.

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Tony Schumacher in a Top Fuel dragster. 4.42 seconds @ 336mph in 1/4 mile

Terry Vance's claim to fame is attributed to his record fourteen-time national drag race champion rein. He is considered the best and most popular rider in the sport of motorcycle drag racing.

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