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Dynasty IT was created in 1999.

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When was Zengid dynasty created?

Zengid dynasty was created in 1127.

When was Hafsid dynasty created?

Hafsid dynasty was created in 1229.

When was Kadamba Dynasty created?

Kadamba Dynasty was created in 345.

When was Hồ dynasty created?

Hồ dynasty was created in 1400.

When was Memphis Dynasty created?

Memphis Dynasty was created in 2010.

When was Tughlaq dynasty created?

Tughlaq dynasty was created in 1321.

When was Koch dynasty created?

Koch dynasty was created in 1515.

When was Ngô Dynasty created?

Ngô Dynasty was created in 939.

When was Bahri dynasty created?

Bahri dynasty was created in 1250.

When was Ayyubid dynasty created?

Ayyubid dynasty was created in 1171.

When was Shang Dynasty created?

Shang Dynasty was created in 1600.

When was Kalabhras dynasty created?

Kalabhras dynasty was created in 250.

When was Sui Dynasty created?

Sui Dynasty was created in 581.

When was Sangama Dynasty created?

Sangama Dynasty was created in 1336.

When was Zirid dynasty created?

Zirid dynasty was created in 973.

When was Khwarazmian dynasty created?

Khwarazmian dynasty was created in 1077.

When was Chen Dynasty created?

Chen Dynasty was created in 557.

When was Burid dynasty created?

Burid dynasty was created in 1104.

When was Qianlong Dynasty created?

Qianlong Dynasty was created in 2002.

When was Han Dynasty created?

Han Dynasty was created in 206.

When was Joseon Dynasty created?

Joseon Dynasty was created in 1392.

When was Severan dynasty created?

Severan dynasty was created in 193.

When was Qin Dynasty created?

Qin Dynasty was created in 221.

When was Rashtrakuta Dynasty created?

Rashtrakuta Dynasty was created in 753.

When was Ziyarid dynasty created?

Ziyarid dynasty was created in 928.

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