When was Fox Sterlingworth serial 98989 made?


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Your Sterlingworth was made in 1923.

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Should be a 16ga made in 1926.

Your Serial number indicates that your Fox Sterlingworth shotgun was made in the year 1919.It was one of the first 268 shotguns made that year out of a total production of 800 for the year 1919.I hope that you find this informative.

Provide detailed description of ALL markings.

The Fox sterlingworth was made from 1910-1942 by the company Fox A.H.You mentioned that your shotgun is marked by the savage arms corp.Utica NY.This facility made the Fox Sterlingworth from 1930-1946.There should be a letter prefix that would better help identify the year of manufacture,but you did not list it here in this post.i hope this helps?

Hi, I sold a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun for my brother in law, about 4 yrs old, sold for $750. Not sure what gauge, can't remember that far back. It belonged to his Dad.

$500 to $2000 depending on condition and when it was made.

Made in 1912, probably worth $600-$800 in fair condition (assuming it's shootable).

Check the internet auction sites to see what they are bringing.

That is a hamerless side by side 12ga made by AH Fox Gun Co in Philadelphia. Yours is from 1926.

Fjestads "Blue Book of Gun Values", available at most large book stores, includes a serial number by build date for most American made guns.

That serial number would be a 20ga gun built in 1912. That is a true Fox Sterlingworth, made in Philadelphia, before the Savage buyout. Value depends on condition, which is typically described by the percentage of case color remaining on the receiver and percentage of bluing remaining on the barrels. For example, a gun similar to yours with 50% case color remaining, and 80% blue and wood finish remaining, is currently listed at $2800.

without more specifics on the gun (condition, gauge, barrel length, etc.) all i can really say is that serial number is for a gun manufactured in 1927

Your Fox Sterlingworth was made in 1935 by Savage Arms Co. of Utica, N.Y. A.H. Fox originally made its guns in Philadelphia until @ 1930. The 1930-1942 Savage production guns are worth nearly as much as the A.H. Fox made guns. The recent B series guns are just not in the same league. As with all collector guns, value is dependent upon (original) condition. In 98%, a 12 ga Sterlingworth is booked at $1475; and $300 in 10%. Add 33% for auto ejectors and/or 25% for single trigger. This is one that should be taken to a reputable dealer for examination and appraisal.

No Actually another post indicates as a reference for production dates references with serial numbers of many double guns. Good luck.

All the serial lists I have on the 12ga Sterlingworth have the numbers starting at 53800 in 1910. Can you verify that number?

Check the internet auction gun sites to see what they are REALLY selling for.

26 to 32 inches. Any thing shorter has been cut no matter what the gauge.

I think it is 52. Im not so sure but that could be.

1929 gun that should bring $700 plus if in truly excellent shape.

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