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When was Frank Epperson born?

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Frank Epperson was bon in 1894 in California.

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When and where was frank epperson born?

Frank Epperson was born on 1894. He was raised in San Diego, California.

Where was Frank Epperson born?

Frank Epperson, the inventor of the Popsicle, was born in San Francisco in 1894. Epperson died in 1983 at the age of 89.

What education did Frank Epperson have?

Frank Epperson got his education at the university of Ohio

Where did Frank Epperson go to school?

what kind of schooling frank epperson

What did frank epperson invent?

Frank Epperson invented the popsicle! he left his drink outside in the cold with a stirring stick and it froze!

Where was frank epperson born at?

He was born in san Diego in 1894 where he invited the epsicle but later marketed as a popsicle

Biography of Frank Epperson?


Is Frank Epperson alive now?


Where did Frank Epperson invent the popsicle?

Young Frank Epperson was living in San Fransisco when he first serendipitously invented the original Popsicle. It was 1905.

Where can you find a biography of Frank Epperson?

Who invented popscile?

Frank Epperson, on accidental

What job did frank epperson have?

inventor job

All about frank epperson?

Frank Epperson was an inventor who lived in the state of California. He is best known for creating ice on a stick which is now known as the Popsicle.

Where did Frank epperson live?

Frank Epperson patented the concept of "frozen ice on a stick" in 1923, initially calling it Epsicle. He lived in Oakland, California.

When was Clarence Epperson born?

Clarence Epperson was born in September 1943.

Where can you find pictures of Frank W Epperson?

When I did a google search no picture of frank epperson came up. The popcicle and others but not him. Go to and do an image search.

How many brothers or sisters did frank epperson have?

I think Frank had 7 siblings.

When was Sharon Epperson born?

Sharon Epperson was born on 1968-04-12.

When was Don Epperson born?

Don Epperson was born on January 23, 1938.

What year did frank epperson invent the popsicle?


Frank epperson childhood?

he was a very happy man

Who was responsible for the discovery of the popsicle?

frank epperson in 1905

Where did frank w epperson live?


Who invented fudgesicles?

Frank Epperson, the inventor of the popsicle.

Where did frank epperson grow up?

San Francisco

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