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Friendly interactive shell was created on 2005-02-13.

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Q: When was Friendly interactive shell created?
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How many shells can run at the same time in Linux?

There are dozens of shells for Linux. The most popular are: bash (Bourne-Again Shell) ksh (Korn shell) zsh (Z Shell) ash (Almquist shell) dash (Debian Almquist shell) BusyBox (based on ash) fish (Friendly Interactive Shell)

When was Her Interactive created?

Her Interactive was created in 1995.

When was Will Interactive created?

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What is the difference between interactive use of shell command and running a shell?

In an interactive shell session the shell program waits for the user to type in a command. When receiving a command the shell program will then attempt to locate it and process (execute) the command. You are interacting with the shell. Running a shell file requires a pre-stored series of commands stored in a file. Unless the shell program you are running is interactive then the shell executes each command in sequence, without involving the user at all.

What is the difference between an interactive and noninteractive shell?

An interactive shell is attached to a console and usually needs to interact with a person to provide answers. etc. A non-interactive shell won't stop execution to ask anyone and can be run unattended by the system. It also doesn't have an associated terminal for output.

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ColdWood Interactive was created in 2003.

When was Timeline Interactive created?

Timeline Interactive was created in 2005.

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TopWare Interactive was created in 1995.

When was DreamCatcher Interactive created?

DreamCatcher Interactive was created in 1996.

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