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HCL Technologies was created on 1991-11-12.

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Q: When was HCL Technologies created?
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What is the population of HCL Technologies?

HCL Technologies's population is 82,464.

What is the ISIN Code of HCL Technologies?

ISIN Code of HCL Technologies is INE860A01027.

Who is the CEO of HCL Technologies?

Vineet Nayar is the current CEO and Vice Chairman of HCL Technologies.

Where is the HCL Technologies company based?

There are many places online that have incorrect information on where the HCL Technologies company is based. The actual location of the base of the HCL Technologies company is Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

What is the difference between hcl company's two business enterprises hcl technologies and hcl infosystems?

HCL Technologies ( - HCL Technologies deals with the IT and BPO services and targets global markets. HCL Infosystems ( - HCL Infosystems deals with IT, communication, office automation products & system integration and it targets the Indian market.

What does HCL stand for eg in HCl Technologies?

hindustan computers limited

What is differents between HCL comnet and HCL technologies?

HCL technology deals with the application development while HCL comnet is for communication and networking....

What is the expansion of HCL and who is it's CEO?

HCL means Hindustan Computers Limited and Vineet Nayar is the CEO of HCL Technologies.

What is the caption of HCL technologies?

Technology that Touches Lives

When did HCL Technologies have its Initial Public Offer - IPO?

HCL Technologies made an initial public offering in December 1999 and trading in the stock commenced on 11th January, 2000.

Who was the first CEO of HCL Technologies?

HCL Technologies is a global IT Services company headquartered in Noida, India.Founder, Chairman, CSO: Shiv NadarIt is led by its CEO Vineet Nayar

What is the full form of hcl technologies?

hindusthan computers limited

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