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Q: When was HI-Standard Model H-D Military serial number 234106 made and what is the value?
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FN Browning 1922 Military Serial?

No serial number provided.

How do you get a persons army serial number?

now days a military serial number is the assigned social security number. find the persons social security number and you have the army serial number............

Is Military serial number same as service number or selective service number?


What is the age of M1 Garand serial number 7109637?

your serial number is too high for garand military rifles

How old is this Walther p38 serial no 8367?

Military P38s are dated from a 3 letter code, and not a serial number.

What is value of 1911 colt 45 acp serial number 400000?

check pistol aagain. serial number appears to high for the 1911 military

What is the meaning of army serial numbers?

An Army Serial Number is a Military Identification Number. When I was in the Army in 1963/1966, one would have a lifetime social security number for income tax purposes and a military ID number. Back then they were not the same number, but in 1969 it might have changed. That was the Social Security Number for GI's.

When was colt 1911 45 serial number 248530 manufactured?

if the military model, about 1918

What is the age of your colt m1911?

the serial number is too HIGH for 1911 military pistols........

How old is this high standard pistol HD Military?

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

What is the model number for a Smith Wesson serial v 552394?

It does not have a model number. It is a Military and Police made for WWII

When was colt 1911 45 Serial number 623127 manufactured?

I am assuming that you have a 1911,not a 1911A1 an it was made for the military not a commercial model (with a C after or before the serial number).That being said I date your colt model 1911 as being produced for the military in 1919.