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If There's Any Justice - Lee Greenwood song - was created on 1987-08-17.

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A Love Song - Lee Greenwood song - was created on 1982-10-04.

I.O.U. - Lee Greenwood song - was created in 1983-03.

I Still Believe - Lee Greenwood song - was created in 1988.

Phantom - Justice song - was created in 2007.

He didn't write the song, the song is written by Jan Crutchfield. Greenwood performed it on his "Inside Out" album in 1982.

No, there is no mention of Lee Greenwood ever singing the song "Butterfly Kisses". This song was originally performed by singer Bob Carlisle.

a good song for justice is freedom

Chase coy is a singer song-writter from Greenwood, IN.

lee greenwood wrote this song in 1983 as an honor to be an american.

Lee Greenwood is an American country singer who is known for his song "God Bless the USA." He was born in 1942 and is still living.

It's not so much a poem as a song lyric. The song "Under the Greenwood Tree" is one of a number of excellent songs from the play As You Like It.

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He's a country singer famous for the song "God Bless the USA".

Theres a song called mashed potatoes?!?!?

theres not a name to kanes theme song

Theres no song NOBODY LIKES HER but justin cant see that ...

Drums (Phil Selway), acoustic guitar and vocals (Thom Yorke), electric guitar (Johnny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien), and bass guitar (Colin Greenwood).

Yes, Lee Greenwood is American. He is famous for his song "Proud to be an American" not his song "Pround to be Canadian". also he made his famous song after 911 in New York, and he wanted to make one for Canada so he made one to make Canada seem like a safe country just like America.

yes its in a song called allude in justice

theres a song that goes 4 1000 years. google search "longplayer"

theres a song called "i love college" maybe that's it

My Song Your Song was created on 2008-12-24.

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