When was Islam formed?

There is only one religion from the beginning of this world and that is ISLAM.

Islam is there from the creation Of Adam(AS).

The answer above is incorrect, the asker is asking when Islam was formed. The ideals of Islam date back to the creation of Adam, but was not present at the time. It's like saying evolution was theorized back when the first protists were formed, but that concept has only come around recently. Second, what does it even mean that ISLAM (?) haw been around since the creation of the world, that's not even a legitimate statement, Islam is not a noun, its not a thing, Islam is a concept like Christianity. On top of that your answer is not even valid, you state that it has been around since the beginning, but then you state the creation of Adam, who was made after the creation of the Earth.

Answer: Islam became an actual Religion around the end of the 5th century, not the creation of the Earth, that makes no sense.