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He was never caught and was never in jail.

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Jack the Ripper was never caught so we don't know when he died.Most of the witness accounts agreed that he was between 25 and 35 years old when he was commiting the murders.

Since he was never identified or caught there is no way to know his date of birth or death. But we know when he murdered, beginning in 1888 which is considered the 'Victorian era'.

No he did not but he did get into jail and was caught selling drugs to his sister

Jack the ripper cut Annie Chapman's throat at 5.50am on 8th September 1888

Ripper Crew died in 1999.

William Ripper died in 1937.

They would be sent to jail. Or if they had been caught more than once they would be hanged and left to die.

Ripper Savage died on June 2, 1995, in USA.

Rehab, long years in jail,investigations. Everything bad. You'll want to die if you get caught growing it, better yet having it.

Ripper Collins died on April 15, 1970 at the age of 66.

Michael Ripper died on June 28, 2000, in London, England, UK.

The Motorhead songs played in movies were March or die for the movie 300 and Ace of spade for the movie Smoking aces.

Elizabeth Stride or 'Long Liz' died at the hands of Jack the Ripper. He cut her throat with a very sharp instrument. She bled to death in about 90 seconds.

Ripper Collins died April 15, 1970, in New Haven, NY, USA.

The crimes of Jack The Ripper made the slums of London's east end a focal point of the world. Not only were the murders incrediby brutal but the living conditions in Whitechapel were shocking, and eventually those issues had to be delt with. Public outrage demanded change. It's too bad that the victims had to die horrible deaths in order to initiate social change.

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot to death by Jack Ruby when the police were transferring Oswald from the police station to jail..

When Jeff Hardy's house caught on fire March 15, 2008, his dog, Jack, was killed.

Jack Starbright does not die in the movies or in the books.

No, he doesn't he was in jail then gets out of jail and then at the end of the series he goes to jail again

== == No he did not die

Jack did not die, only Simon and Piggy died.

John The Ripper died sometime in December 1888. Although there is not information on the cause of death. There is no exact Death Date either. Also cant find information on birthdate

Jack never dies in the "Lord of the Flies" but the little'un, Simon, and Piggy die .

if the hunter sees the animal, it will run and if it is caught, it will die

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