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Jade Tree - record label - was created in 1991.

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Amber is fossilized tree resin. Jade is stone .

Derek Sarjeant is the label of an oak...................... :D

Crassula Ovata, The Jade Plant

You can find the Jade essence in the North-West of the Desert near the Black Rose Tree. You can also find Garnet and Topaz there.

You can find the Jade horse just East of the graveyard on the east side of the isle in front of a dead...plant/bush/tree next to a huge dead tree that has cobwebs attached to the graveyard wall.

i think the tree was created from a tree

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Origami Tree was created in 2006.

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The Chestnut Tree was created in 2007.

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The Mango Tree was created in 1974.

Porcupine Tree was created in 1987.

The Tree on the Hill was created in 1940.

Tree Bat was created in 1891.

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plum tree, jade, Christmas cactus, African violet

The Ornament Tree was created in 1990-11.

The Giving Tree Band was created in 2004.

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