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When was James Alexander Hamilton born?


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James Alexander Hamilton was born in 1788.

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James Alexander Hamilton died in 1878.

Alexander Hamilton had an older brother named James.

Alexander Macdonald Hamilton was born in 1925.

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George Alexander Hamilton was born in 1802.

James A. Hamilton, the fourth son of Scottish laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange, Ayrshire.

Alexander Hamilton had Zero siblings named Carntey mills

Alexander R. Hamilton was born in 1967.

Alexander Hamilton Jr. was born in 1786.

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Alexander Hamilton Stephens was born on February 11, 1812.

Alexander Hamilton Coffroth was born on 1828-05-18.

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James Madison,Alexander Hamilton,and John Jay John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton

James A. Hamilton was born in 1876.

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Hamilton and Elizabeth had 8 children, this can be confusing because two of the sons were both named "Philip".So these are the following names of the kids:Philip (January 22, 1782 - 1801)Angelica (born September 25, 1784)James Alexander (April 14, 1788 - September 1878)John Church (born August 22, 1792)Alexander (born May 16, 1796)William S. Hamilton (born August 4, 1797 - October 9, 1850)Eliza (born November 26, 1799)Philip (born June 2, 1802)

Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis in the British West Indies,ย on January 11, 1755 or 1757 (the exact date is unknown). Hamilton's parents were Rachel Fawcett Lavien, who was of British and French Huguenot descent, and James Hamilton, a Scottish trader.

One of them where Alexander Hamilton.

James Hamilton was born on June 19, 1606.

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