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When was Johannes brahms cradel song written?

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His Lullaby. It is a very famous tune.

Eric Sams has written: 'The Songs of Johannes Brahms' 'The songs of Robert Schumann' -- subject(s): Analysis, appreciation, Songs 'Brahms song' 'The Real Shakespeare' -- subject(s): Biography, Childhood and youth, Dramatists, English, English Dramatists

It is Johannes Brahms Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op 90; III. Poco Allegretto

Many of his compositions are famous. Here are just a few examples: the four symphonies, the four concertos, 'Cradle Song', the German Requiem.

The third song, called 'Sonntag' from Brahms' Five Songs, Op. 47, is the German word for Sunday. The song is about the day, as it represents the Sabbath; a time for rest and contemplation.

That would be a matter of personal taste, I think.

Cradle Song is the common name for a number of children's lullabies with similar lyrics, the original of which was Johannes Brahms's Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, gute Nacht ("Good evening, good night"), Op. 49, No. 4, published in 1868 and widely known as Brahms's Lullaby. The lyrics of the first verse are from a collection of German folk poems called Des Knaben Wunderhorn and the second stanza was written by Georg Scherer (1824-1909) in 1849. The lullaby's melody is one of the most famous and recognizable in the world, used by countless parents to sing their babies to sleep. The Lullaby was first sung by Brahms's friend, Bertha Faber, as the piece had been written to celebrate the birth of her son. Brahms had been in love with her in her youth and constructed the melody of the Wiegenliedto suggest, as a hidden countermelody, a song she used to sing to him.

Betsy Lynn George is famous for having appeared in Billy Idol's Cradle of Love music video. The song was released in 1990.

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Too many to name. A romantic composer like Brahms doesn't write in block chords as in a pop song or a folk song - the piece is made up of complex harmonies and these harmonies are very ambiguous in places as well - There really is no easy answer to this question because the answer would be ridiculously complicated and barely understandable to anyone

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1001011001 1001101101 1100100010 1100001110 1011100111 1000111001 1110001001 1001001112 (Binary Code) Brahms Lullaby (Binary Form)

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