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When was Juliana Falconieri born?

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Juliana Falconieri was born in 1270.

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When did Juliana Falconieri die?

Juliana Falconieri died on 1341-06-12.

When was Lelio Falconieri born?

Lelio Falconieri was born in 1585.

When was Alexis Falconieri born?

Alexis Falconieri was born in 1200.

When was Paolo Falconieri born?

Paolo Falconieri was born in 1638.

When was Clarissimo Falconieri Mellini born?

Clarissimo Falconieri Mellini was born in 1794.

When was Vito Falconieri born?

Vito Falconieri was born on 1986-06-18.

When was Juliana Martins born?

Juliana Martins was born in 1984.

When was Juliana Yendork born?

Juliana Yendork was born in 1972.

When was Juliana Nero born?

Juliana Nero was born in 1979.

When was Juliana Berners born?

Juliana Berners was born in 1388.

When was Juliana of Liège born?

Juliana of Liège was born in 1193.

When was Juliana Farha born?

Juliana Farha was born in 1966.

When was Juliana Morell born?

Juliana Morell was born in 1594.

When was Juliana Focht born?

Juliana Focht was born in 1952.

When was Juliana Catlin born?

Juliana Catlin was born in 1955.

When was Juliana Castro born?

Juliana Castro was born in 1991.

When was Juliana Rimane born?

Juliana Rimane was born in 1959.

When was Juliana Spahr born?

Juliana Spahr was born in 1966.

When was Juliana Mialoundama born?

Juliana Mialoundama was born in 1993.

When was Juliana Negedu born?

Juliana Negedu was born in 1979.

When was Juliana Betti born?

Juliana Betti was born in 1977, in Brazil.

When did Andrea Falconieri die?

Andrea Falconieri died in 1656.

When did Lelio Falconieri die?

Lelio Falconieri died in 1648.

When did Orazio Falconieri die?

Orazio Falconieri died in 1664.

When did Paolo Falconieri die?

Paolo Falconieri died in 1704.

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