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15 year old Canadian singer Justin Bieber released his second album, My World 2.0, on the 23rd of March 2010.

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What was Justin Biebers CD called?

Justin biebers CD is called my world

When was justin biebers second CD out?

march 19,2010 omg i love the CD you should buy it

When was Justin biebers first CD realsed?

Justin biebers first c.d album was "my world"released November 17, 2009

When was Justin biebers 2nd CD released?

It came out in March 2010!!!

When was Justin Biebers last CD released?

his last CD was "i have no life." by justin bieber. it came out on dec. 15, 2009

When was Justin biebers 1 CD reastled?

Justins first CD was released November 17, 2009

When was Justin Bieber's second CD released?

Justin's second Cd was released on March 23rd.

When was justin biebers seconed CD released?

Under the mistletoe is a christmas album that was released in 2011 around December.

What was Justin Biebers first CD he sang?

Justin Bieber's first album he released was 'My World' Released - 18th of January 2010. Reymond Usher signed him.

Where can you get Justin Biebers CD?

You can buy it at Wal Mart or on the internet.

What was Justin Biebers hit CD?

um probably all of them :)

When does Justin Biebers one time CD come out?

Justin Bieber's new CD "My World" is coming out November 17th.(:

Do they have Justin Bieber's new CD in the Boaz Alabama Walmart?

yes they do have Justin Biebers new CD in Boaz Alabama wallmart

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