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The first song Lady Gaga released under the name "Lady GaGa" was the song Just Dance. It was released as a single from her first album, The Fame. However, before Stefani was ever known as Lady GaGa, she released an album called Red and Blue.

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What is Lady Gagas 1st song?

Lady Gaga's first song that she released was titled "Just Dance" It was released as a single as well as being included as the first track on her debut album, The Fame. She said the song is about just living life how you want to and being free to do what you want.

What is Lady Gaga 1st song?

Her first single was "Just Dance".

Lady gaga 1st song she done?

i think it is either poker face or just dance

What was the second song Hayley sang on American idol last night?

Haley Reinhart 1st Song was: You and I by Lady Gaga and the 2nd Song was: The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals

Is Lady Gaga's single You and I A cover of an older song?

No, it is not. Lady Gaga wrote that song on her Born This Way album, and You and I was the fifth song to be released. 1st: Born This Way. 2nd: Judas. 3rd: Hair. 4th: Edge of Glory. 5th: You and I. 6th: Marry The Night.

What is the name of the underoath song that starts out with a creepy lady laughing?

The name of the song is "Heart of Stone". It's from their very 1st album titled Act of depression which was released in 1999.

What is Lady Gaga's first song?

Lady GaGa's 1st song was just dance from her debut album 'The Fame' in 2008. It featured Akon and Colby O' DonisEdits:Lady Gaga's first song that she wrote is Brown Eyes. The first song in her first album The Fame is Just Dance. The first song in her second album The Fame Monster is Bad Romance.I did not type that note below. Don't know why it's here.||VV

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Yes, Lady gaga will be coming to Qatar on June 1st 2010.

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