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Leiden University Medical Center was created in 1873.


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Leiden University was created in 1575.

Leiden University Library was created in 1587.

Leiden University College The Hague was created in 2010-09.

Leiden University is located in Leiden, Netherlands. The address of the Leiden University is Rapenburg 70, 2311 EZ Leiden, Netherlands. You can contact Leiden University by phone at +31 71 527 2727.

Leiden University's motto is 'Praesidium Libertatis'.

Leiden University College The Hague's motto is 'Building knowledge for a better world'.

Leiden law school is part of Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands. Leiden is a smallish city between the Hague and Amsterdam. It is also a great nickname for a girl that lives in the philippines.

Leiden Centraal railway station was created in 1842.

Leiden Lammenschans railway station was created in 1961.

The oldest university is located in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Latin University of Leiden

The universities that Albert Einstein was taught was University of Zurich, University of Leiden, Charles University in Prague.

University of Poitiers (1614-1616), Leiden University, Prytanée National Militaire

Leiden is a good university to get a degree in anthropology.

The most classically famous universities are: 1. Leiden University 2. University of Groningen 3. University of Utrecht 4. University of Amsterdam 5. Delft University of Technology

John of Leiden died in 1536.

The area of Leiden is 23.16 square kilometers.

he went to Harvard Law School, also called Harvard University or Leiden Univercity

"Ich kann dich gut leiden." = "I really like you."

Sean Leiden Marshall's birth name is Sean William Marshall.

Yes. He attended Leiden University, but left a couple months later to study art.

The Universities that Albert Einstein attended were:University of ZurichCharles University in PragueUniversity of LeidenOther Schools that he attended were:ETH ZurichPrussian Academy of Sciences KaiserWilhem Institute for Advanced Study

René Descartes studied at four different schools, here is a list of his attended universities.Collège Royal Henry-Le-Grand (1607–1614)University of Poitiers (LL.B., 1616)University of FarazLeiden University

The flight distance from Paris, France to Leiden, Netherlands is: 246 miles / 396 km

Sean Leiden Marshall was born on May 4, 1973, in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

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