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Linux Format was created in 2000.


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To format a partition that is not in use get a program called Gparted. If you need to format the whole drive you need to boot from a Linux CD.

Linux For You was created in 2003.

Linux Foundation was created in 2007.

Linux Kongress was created in 1994.

Linux Gazette was created in 1995.

Linux kernel was created in 1991.

Lunar Linux was created in 2002.

Linux Journal was created in 1994.

Nero Linux was created in 2005.

Linux India was created in 1997.

There is a fdisk - Partition table manipulator for Linux which you can use to create partitions in linux. If you want to format it for a particular file system then you can use the mkfs program. Example: 1. To format as reiser FS sudo mkfs.reiserfs /dev/sda1 2. To format as ext3 FS sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1

Linux-HA was created in 1999.

Coyote Linux was created in 1998-12.

Linux Libertine was created in 2003-09.

Linux From Scratch was created in 1999-12.

LDAP data interchange format

Linux was created in Finland.

Smeegol Linux was created on 2010-10-06.

Sabayon Linux was created on 2005-11-28.

Ontario Linux Fest was created in 2007.

Arch Linux was created on 2002-03-11.

Mandriva Linux was created on 1998-07-23.

Kuki Linux was created on 2008-10-21.

Leeenux Linux was created on 2009-10-17.

Scientific Linux was created on 2004-05-10.

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