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Lord George Seymour was born in 1763.

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Lord George Seymour died in 1848.

Lord Robert Seymour was born in 1748.

Lord Hugh Seymour was born on 1759-04-29.

George Hamilton Seymour was born in 1797.

George Fitzroy Seymour was born in 1923.

Seymour Thorne George was born in 1851.

George Lord was born in 1811.

George Seymour - Royal Navy officer - was born on 1787-09-17.

Lord George Paget was born in 1818.

Lord George Manners was born in 1820.

Lord George Bentinck was born in 1802.

Lord George Wellesley was born in 1889.

Lord George Russell was born in 1790.

Lord George Gordon was born in 1751.

Lord Robert Seymour died in 1831.

Lord George Sanger was born on 1825-12-23.

Lord George Hamilton was born on 1845-12-17.

Lord George Beresford was born on 1781-02-12.

George Edwin Lord was born on 1846-02-17.

Lord George Paulet was born on 1803-08-12.

Lord Hugh Seymour died on 1801-09-11.

Lord George Manners-Sutton was born in 1723.

Lord George Gordon-Lennox was born in 1829.

George Hamilton Seymour died in 1880.

George Fitzroy Seymour died in 1994.

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