When was Medical Apartheid created?


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Medical Apartheid was created in 2007.

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Apartheid Museum was created in 2001.

Witness to Apartheid was created in 1986.

Apartheid was created as a means to control another race or ethnicity.

Anti-Apartheid Movement was created in 1959.

No such country created apartheid. Apartheid is closely associated to South Africa for the fact. Nonetheless, apartheid has been present in Europe, mostly between Muslims.

They were the ones who created apartheid, so they were treated fine. Do you understand the full meaning of apartheid?

The South African government!

I would say apartheids, as in "the apartheids of South Africa and India." In this case, if the word "apartheid" was used, it would sound (to me, at least) like South Africa and India had gotten together and created a joint apartheid program.

Medical Mycology was created in 1962.

Miami Medical was created in 2010.

America never had apartheid. Apartheid occurred in south africa.

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Kanazawa Medical University was created in 1972.

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