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Nassau University Medical Center was created in 1974.

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Nassau Hall was created in 1754.

Nassau Public Library was created in 1797.

Nassau Electric Railroad was created in 1893.

Nassau County Railway was created in 1902.

Nassau Community College was created in 1959.

East Nassau Central School was created in 1930.

Nassau County Museum of Art was created in 1901.

British Colonial Hilton Nassau was created in 1901.

Hebrew Academy of Nassau County was created in 1953.

Nassau Stakes - Canada - was created in 1956.

West Nassau High School was created in 1936.

Fort Charlotte - Nassau - was created in 1789.

The nickname for Princeton University is Old Nassau.

Nassau Inter-County Express was created in 1973.

A registered nurse can apply for a nursing job at any of the hospitals on Long Island, New York. Some of the hospitals are Nassau University Medical Center and the John T Mather Memorial Hospital.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau was created on 1929-03-21.

Fort Nassau - South River - was created in 1623.

HNLMS Johan Maurits van Nassau was created on 1933-04-05.

Henry Lyttleton Savage has written: 'Nassau Hall, 1756-1956' -- subject(s): Princeton University, Princeton University. Nassau Hall

Rockville Center the skating rink is in Manhattan. Rockville Center the town is in Nassau County.

The address of the Nassau Cultural Center Inc is: 574 E Meadow Ave, East Meadow, NY 11554-5032

Essex Street - BMT Nassau Street Line - was created in 1908.

Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office - New York - was created in 1928.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center in Nassau, Bahamas.

The population of Baarle-Nassau is 6,668.

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