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Q: When was New York settled?
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Which country settled New York first?

The Dutch (Netherlands) settled New York

When was the city of New York settled and by who?

The Dutch settled New Amsterdam, Which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered to the English.

Which group of eurpeans originally settled in New York city?

The Dutch originally settled in New York, calling it New Amsterdam.

Who were the people who settled in new york colony?

The Dutch settled in New Amsterdam

What type of people settled in New York?

A majority of the people that have settled in New York are from European Decent. Particularly Dutch.

Who first settled in New York?

No, the Dutch were the first settlers of New York.

Who setteled New York?

Dutch settled in New York, hope this helped

Why was New York Colony settled?

It was settled by Duke of York in 1760 after it was given to him after England took it from the Dutch.

Who settled New York?

the dutch were the first to settle New York but after they surrendered to the English it was named New York

Which of the original 13 colonies was the last one to be settled?

new york new york

What religious group settled in new york?

The colony of New York was settled first by the Dutch and then by the English. The main religion of both the Dutch and English was Protestantism. New York was one of the Middle colonies.

Which country first settled the land that is now New York city?

The Dutch settled first and named it New Amsterdam. Then afterwards the British came over and named it New York, after the Duke of York.

Who settled in the New York colony?

ANSWERThe Dutch settled New Amsterdam, which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered the land to the English.

Why was New York settled?

#REDIRECT [[How_and_why_was_New_York_founded]]

When was the New York colony settled?

In 1243

Who settled in New York after the Dutch?


Which European country settled in New York and why?

In the early 1600s, the Dutch settled in New York (I'm not sure why.), and after several years, the English took over.

Why did the Iroquois settle in New York?

The Iroquois settled down in New York because there they can farm.

Which city is older Boston or New York City?

They were settled at nearly the same time, but all the parts of Boston were consolidated long before all the parts of New York City were. New York City was first settled in 1624, and Boston was first settled in 1630. Boston was incorporated in 1822, and New York City was incorporated in 1898.

Who settled in New Amsterdam?

The dutch. also known as the Netherlands, were the people who settled in New Amsterdam, which is now call New York.

When did Peter Minuet settled New York?

He was Director - General of New Netherlands (New York) from 1626 - 1633.

Were did the Dutch first settle at?

new yorkthe dutch primarily settled at the new york colony

Where did people settle in New York?

they settled in albany

Which colony was first settled by the Dutch?

new york

Which country first settled in new york?

The Dutch.

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