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When was Olavi Suominen born?


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Olavi Suominen was born on January 17, 1912.


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Ilkka Suominen was born on 1939-04-08.

Veikko Suominen was born on 1948-05-05.

Kim Suominen was born on 1969-10-20.

Ensio Suominen was born on January 2, 1934, in Askainen, Finland.

Hannes Suominen was born on October 9, 1981, in Salo, Finland.

Markku Suominen was born on November 8, 1949, in Suomussalmi, Finland.

Paul Suominen was born on February 7, 1930, in Helsinki, Finland.

Olavi Ojanperä was born in 1921.

Olavi Kuronen was born in 1923.

Olavi Mäenpää was born in 1950.

Olavi Hänninen was born in 1920.

Olavi Alakulppi was born in 1915.

Olavi Suomalainen was born in 1947.

Olavi Rove was born in 1915.

Olavi Saarinen was born in 1923.

Olavi Laiho was born in 1907.

Olavi Merinen was born in 1917, in Finland.

Joose Olavi Hannula was born in 1900.

Olavi Litmanen was born on 1945-04-17.

Olavi Ahonen was born on 1923-07-21.

Martti Olavi Siirala was born in 1922.

Olavi Larkas was born on 1913-09-30.

Olavi Rokka was born on 1925-08-09.

Olavi Paavolainen was born on September 17, 1903, in Kivennapa, Finland.

Olavi Pajunen was born on August 20, 1920, in Mntt, Finland.

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