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Oregon State University Cascades Campus was created in 2001.

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University of Oregon was created in 1876.

Oregon State University was created in 1858.

Southern Oregon University was created in 1872.

Eastern Oregon University was created in 1929.

Western Oregon University was created in 1856.

Oregon State University Press was created in 1961.

Oregon State University College of Engineering was created in 1889.

Oregon State University Marching Band was created in 1890.

The cascades go through western Washington, Oregon, and into northern California.

Washington, Oregon, and the northern part of California

National Lampoon's Animal House was filmed on the University of Oregon campus.

The outdoor American football stadium, Autzen Stadium, is located in Eugene, Oregon. It is just north of the University of Oregon campus and home to the Oregan Ducks.

For the university of Oregon track team in1972

The address of the University Of Oregon is: 5219 University Of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5219

Steven R. Trautwein has written: 'Development of a seismic rehabilitation master plan for the Oregon State University campus' -- subject(s): Buildings, Design and construction, Earthquake resistant design, Oregon State University

Corvallis is where the Oregon State University(Beavers) . The University of Oregon (home Of the DUCKS).

No , University of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon. In Portland, Portland State University is located.

Oregon State University is situated in Corvallis, Oregon.

Southern Oregon University is located in the state of Oregon.

Western Oregon University is located in the state of Oregon.

The Cascade Mountains start in the middle of Washington then heads down to Oregon,still in the middle and it stops at the very bottom of Oregon.

The University of Oregon is located in Central Oregon in Eugene. 2 hours South of Portland.

Madelynne Diness has written: 'Northern Oregon Cascades Topographic Atlas'

Southern Oregon University. has written: 'Faculty/Staff directory Southern Oregon University'

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