When was Oskar Panizza born?

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Oskar Panizza was born on November 12, 1853, in Kissingen, Germany.

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Q: When was Oskar Panizza born?
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When did Oskar Panizza die?

Oskar Panizza died on September 28, 1921, in Bayreuth, Germany.

When was Darrell Panizza born?

Darrell Panizza was born in 1959.

When was Bartolomeo Panizza born?

Bartolomeo Panizza was born in 1785.

When was Giacomo Panizza born?

Giacomo Panizza was born in 1804.

When was Ettore Panizza born?

Ettore Panizza was born in 1875.

When was Wladimiro Panizza born?

Wladimiro Panizza was born on 1945-06-05.

When was John Panizza born?

John Panizza was born on 1931-03-24.

When was Serge Panizza born?

Serge Panizza was born on 1942-11-19.

When was Hector Panizza born?

Hector Panizza was born on August 12, 1875, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When was Nelly Panizza born?

Nelly Panizza was born on March 17, 1929, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Who is Oskar Panizza in the title Dedication to Oskar Panizza of George Grosz's 1918 painting?

Oskar Panizza (1853-1921) was a German physician and avant-garde author of plays, poetry, fiction and essays. He is best known for his play Das Liebeskonzil (The Love Council: A Heavenly Tragedy in Five Acts), published by Schabelitz in Zurich in 1894. The play deals with the origin of syphilis in 1495 at the court of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia). Panizza was subsequently charged and convicted on 93 counts of blasphemy. He was sentenced to twelve months in prison, the severest punishment meted out to any artist in Wilhelmine Germany. He later lived in Zurich and Paris before returning to Germany, spending the last seventeen years of his life in a sanatorium in Bayreuth.For more D.G. BrownSUNY New Paltz

What is the birth name of Hector Panizza?

Hector Panizza's birth name is Ettore Panizza.

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