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When was Patrick Lauder born?

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Patrick Lauder was born on June 11, 1964, in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

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How tall is Patrick Lauder?

Patrick Lauder is 5' 11".

When was Afferbeck Lauder born?

Afferbeck Lauder was born in 1911.

When was Tommy Lauder born?

Tommy Lauder was born in 1918.

When was Marty Lauder born?

Marty Lauder was born in 1907.

When was Thomas Lauder born?

Thomas Lauder was born in 1395.

When was Colin Lauder born?

Colin Lauder was born in 1750.

When was Andrew Lauder born?

Andrew Lauder was born in 1702.

When was Leonard Lauder born?

Leonard Lauder was born on 1933-##-03.

When was Ronald Lauder born?

Ronald Lauder was born on February 26, 1944.

When was Estée Lauder born?

Estée Lauder was born on July 1, 1906.

When was Harry Lauder born?

Harry Lauder was born on 1870-08-04.

When was William de Lauder born?

William de Lauder was born in 1380.

When was Evelyn Lauder born?

Evelyn Lauder was born on 1936-08-12.

When was Robert Scott Lauder born?

Robert Scott Lauder was born in 1803.

When was Abram William Lauder born?

Abram William Lauder was born in 1834.

When was Lauder Brunton born?

Lauder Brunton was born on 1844-03-14.

When was Thomas Dick Lauder born?

Thomas Dick Lauder was born in 1784.

When was James Eckford Lauder born?

James Eckford Lauder was born in 1811.

When was Albert Lauder born?

Albert Lauder was born on 1898-10-11.

When was Lauder William Jones born?

Lauder William Jones was born in 1869.

When was Polly Lauder Tunney born?

Polly Lauder Tunney was born in 1907.

When was Billy Lauder born?

Billy Lauder was born on 1874-02-23.

When was John D. Lauder born?

John D. Lauder was born in 1855.

When was Sir Harry Lauder born?

Sir Harry Lauder was born on August 4, 1870.

When was David Ross Lauder born?

David Ross Lauder was born on 1894-01-31.

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