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Q: When was Queen Victoria's great exhibition?
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What special events happened in Queen Victorias reign?

The Great Exhibition

What was Queen Victorias role in the great exhibition?

Queen Victoria supported Prince Albert and the Great Exhibition . She gave him £10,000 towards outting the event on and publicly supported the initiative.

What special events were in Queen Victorias reign?

the crimean war and boer war. The great exhibition. Queen Victoria was made empress of India

What was Queen Victora's relationship to Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth 1st is Queen Victorias great great grandaughter

Who was the creator of the greate exhibition?

the great Exhibition was in London with the patronage of Queen Victoria

What was queen victorias relationship with her cousin albertof?

She married him and had a great relationship with him.

What was Queen Victorias first language?

queen victorias first language was German

Who built the great exhibition in 1851?

The Great Exhibition was organized by Henry Cole and Prince Albert, the spouse of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.

Why did prince albert desighn the great exhibition?

He made it for his wife Queen Victoria.

How many Queen Victorias were there?


What was queen Victorias height?

During the last years of her life in the 1890's the Queen's height was 4 ft 7 in; 1.40 m compared with a height in 1837 of 4ft 11 in; 1.50 m. This loss of height in old age is quite natural.

Did Queen Victoria live in the crystal palace?

No. The Crystal Palace was an exhibition hall built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London's Hyde Park.

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