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When was Reijo Tuomi born?

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Reijo Tuomi was born on August 31, 1944.

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When was Reijo Mikkolainen born?

Reijo Mikkolainen was born in 1964.

When was Reijo Leppänen born?

Reijo Leppänen was born in 1951.

When was Reijo Mäki born?

Reijo Mäki was born in 1958.

When was Ilkka Tuomi born?

Ilkka Tuomi was born on 1958-09-26.

When was Juha Tuomi born?

Juha Tuomi was born on 1989-11-07.

When was Reijo Ruotsalainen born?

Reijo Ruotsalainen was born on 1960-04-01.

When was Reijo Hakanen born?

Reijo Hakanen was born on 1943-08-20.

When was Reijo Tossavainen born?

Reijo Tossavainen was born on 1948-11-13.

When was Arvi Tuomi born?

Arvi Tuomi was born on March 13, 1893, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Esko Tuomi born?

Esko Tuomi was born on December 19, 1912, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Liisa Tuomi born?

Liisa Tuomi was born on June 17, 1924, in Viipuri, Finland.

When was Maila Tuomi born?

Maila Tuomi was born on November 13, 1925, in Reposaari, Finland.

When was Olavi Tuomi born?

Olavi Tuomi was born on May 22, 1932, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Rauli Tuomi born?

Rauli Tuomi was born on July 15, 1919, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Santa Tuomi born?

Santa Tuomi was born on May 30, 1897, in Porvoo, Finland.

When was Veikko Tuomi born?

Veikko Tuomi was born on March 24, 1924, in Kiukainen, Finland.

When was Reijo Lahtinen born?

Reijo Lahtinen was born on August 14, 1939, in Kangasala, Finland.

When was Reijo Puttonen born?

Reijo Puttonen was born on February 2, 1943, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Reijo Frank born?

Reijo Frank was born on July 8, 1931, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Reijo Hassinen born?

Reijo Hassinen was born on July 19, 1937, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Reijo Kanerva born?

Reijo Kanerva was born on May 17, 1947, in Kuru, Finland.

When was Reijo Kela born?

Reijo Kela was born on October 8, 1952, in Suomussalmi, Finland.

When was Reijo Kokko born?

Reijo Kokko was born on May 21, 1943, in Kannus, Finland.

When was Reijo Koukonen born?

Reijo Koukonen was born on December 15, 1930, in Myllykoski, Finland.

What actors and actresses appeared in Salka Valka - 1979?

The cast of Salka Valka - 1979 includes: Tommi Kitti as Bogesen Reijo Tuomi as Steintor Maria Wolska as Salka Valka

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