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March 20, 1939.

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Robert Swindell's birthday is on March 20th.

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Q: When was Robert Swindell's birthday?
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What is Robert swindells mum and dad called?

Robert Swindells' parents' names are Walter and Doris Swindells.

How old is Robert swindells now?

robert swindells is 72 years old he is not dead!

Has Robert swindells won any awards?

robert swindells won about 28 awards

What is Robert swindells wife named?

Robert Swindells wives names are Alice and Cathy

Did Robert Swindells enjoy school?


Who wrote Jaqueline Hyde?

Robert Swindells

Who wrote the book dosh?

Robert Swindells

How many siblings does Robert Swindells have?


Robert swindells facts?

he writes books

Where was Robert swindells born?

Robert Swindells was born in 20 march 1939 meaning that he is now 72

What is Robert swindells wife called?

shirley bates

What are Robert Swindells brothers sisters names?

bill and sorthy although i do not know the rest but Robert swindells, author of many books including room13 is the eldest of 5 children