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SMK St. Anthony was created in 1932.

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SMK St. Anthony was created in 2009.

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Q: When was SMK St. Anthony created?
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What is SMK St. Anthony's motto?

The motto of SMK St. Anthony is 'NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE'.

When was SMK St. Teresa created?

SMK St. Teresa was created in 1885.

When was SMK St. Thomas created?

SMK St. Thomas was created in 1848.

When was SMK St Mary Papar created?

SMK St Mary Papar was created in 1965.

When was SMK Bahang - Penampang - created?

SMK Bahang - Penampang - was created in 1994-12.

When was SMK Puteri created?

SMK Puteri was created in 1993.

When was SMK Cochrane created?

SMK Cochrane was created in 1957.

When was SMK Mambau created?

SMK Mambau was created in 1989.

What is SMK St Mary Papar's motto?

The motto of SMK St Mary Papar is 'No Pains No Gain'.

When was SMK Sultan Yussuf created?

SMK Sultan Yussuf was created in 1907.

When was SMK Bhakti Anindya created?

SMK Bhakti Anindya was created in 1987.

When was SMK Majakir Papar created?

SMK Majakir Papar was created in 1962.