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Safe Auto Insurance Company was created in 1993.

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Q: When was Safe Auto Insurance Company created?
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What are the names of three safe auto insurance companies?

The names of three safe auto insurance companies are first, Safe Auto Insurance Company based in Columbus, Ohio, second, Wal-mart Auto Insurance, and third, State Farm Insurance.

Where can one get car insurance in IL?

One can find car insurance in Illinois from several auto insurance companies. For example, Safe Auto Insurance Company and from a company called The General Insurance.

Does safe auto insurance offer home insurance?

Home insurance is not offered by SafeAuto Insurance Company. Fortunately, there are many other companies that do offer both auto and home insurances.

What is the comedian's name norm on safe auto insurance company ads?

Norm Mcdonald

Which select auto insurance company is the best?

The best auto insurance company to use is defintely Allstate they offer driver rewards for safe driving and the best coverage that any driver can use.

What company offers low auto insurance rates with good service?

Safe Auto and Geico are generally considered low cost auto insurance companies with decent service practices.

What online services offer affordable auto quotes?

There are several online services that offer affordable auto quotes. Some of these are Met Life Auto & Home, Ameriprise, AAA Auto Insurance, The General Car Insurance, and Safe Auto Insurance Company.

How do you find an American company called Safe Auto Insurance?

Safe Auto Insurance is a company that was based in Columbus Ohio that is presently based in Phoenix, Arizona. This company offers a lot of coverage for automobiles ranging from "bare minimum" liability up to comprehensive and collision. Based from its reviews, they are a reliable company.

Is it safe to get auto insurance quotes online?

It is safe to get auto insurance quotes online. These quotes are the same as you would get at a physical location.

Is safe auto insurance a real insurance company or a scam?

I have insurance with State Farm and pay by monthly deduction since that fits my cash flow best. Every month I get a call from Safe Auto telling me that my coverage has lapsed. I consider this harassment but cannot find any way to contact Safe Auto to sak them to cease and desist. If I can't talk to a real person I have doubts that this is a 'real' company. They certainly will not be my insurer.

What insurance company offers the most reasonable rates on classic car auto insurance?

Progressive, Geico, All Sate, Safe Co., Hagerty Insurance, State Farm, and Heacock Classic offers the most reasonable rates on classic car auto insurance.

Is Safe Auto available in Texas?

Yes, Safe Auto supplies insurance in Texas and their insurance adheres to Texas minimum insurance requirements and reports to the TexasSure Vehicle Identification System weekly

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