When was Sega Pro created?


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Sega Pro was created in 1991.

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Sega Saturn was created in 1994.

Sega Genesis was created in 1990.

Megaman was not created by Sega. The game was created by Capcom.

Sega Marine Fishing was created in 1999.

Sega Water Ski was created in 1997.

Sega Superstars was created on 2004-10-22.

Sega Master System was created in 1986.

Sega Saturn Magazine was created in 1994.

Sega Bass Fishing was created in 1997-12.

Sega Race TV was created on 2008-07-04.

Sega Superstars Tennis was created on 2008-03-17.

Sega Genesis Collection was created on 2006-11-16.

Sega Soccer Slam was created on 2002-03-18.

Sega Touring Car Championship was created in 1996.

Sega was created by Martin Bromely, Irving Bromberg, & James Humpert.

SEGA is the game company who created sonic and all of the characters

Shadowrun - Sega Genesis video game - was created in 1994.

sega needs a plan so because they made sonic to have a plan

in 1940 as Standard Games

Sonic was created in sega of japan.

Scourge the hedgehog was created by Sega of America.

X-Men - Sega Genesis video game - was created in 1993.

Probably Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo is the company that created Mario, while Sega is the company that created Sonic.

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling was created in 2002.

TMS in Japan with supervision of SEGA.

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