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When was Shinto founded?

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Around 500 BCE.

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Where was Shinto founded?

Shinto was founded in and is the indigenous religion of Japan.

Who founded Shinto?

Yoshida Shinto

Where in Asia was Shinto founded?


What country was Shinto founded in?


Who founded the Shinto religion?

There is no official record of a founder or a scripture for the Shinto belief system.

Who founded Shinto religion?

No known person

What country was Shinto founded?

a country called Malaysia

Who founded shintoism and when?

Shinto is not credited to any particular founder.

How old Is Shinto?

Shinto is an action-oriented religion indigenous of Japan. The word Shinto means 'way of the gods' and the religion was founded in 660 BC.

What percent of the world population follows Shinto?

There are about 17.822 million people who practice the Shinto religion. Most of them reside in Japan, or come from Japanese background. Asia has the largest population of the Shinto religion. The religion was founded about 2,500 years go. Approximately 0.2% of the world is Shinto.

Which of the indigenous religious has the largest membership?

Shinto, founded in Japan is the largest indigenous religion.

How many people world wide follow shintoism?

There are approximately 4 million followers of Shintoism worldwide. The Shinto religion was founded in Japan in 660 BC. There are 100,000 Shinto shrines in Japan.

What are the three main branches of Shinto?

Shrine Shinto< yo Shinto< my Shinto

Where was Shinto started?

Shinto was originated in Japan.

What building is Shinto practiced in?

a Shinto shrine

What is Shinto sabbath?

Shinto day of rest

What is the language of Shinto religion?

Shinto is in Japan

Another name for temple is Shinto?

No. Shinto is a system of spiritual beliefs/practices. But you can have Shinto shrines (temples).

Who originally started Shinto?

a samuari named Shinto

What is a Shinto gateway?

torii, a gateway to a Shinto shrine

Is Shinto polytheism or monotheism?

Shinto believes in polytheism.

What is the origins of Shinto?

nobody knows when Shinto was originated.

Is Shinto like Paganism?

Shinto is Paganism in Japan.

What has the author Sakae Chiba written?

Sakae Chiba has written: 'Yoshikawa shinto no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Shinto 'Yoshikawa shinto no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Shinto

Who are the believers of Shinto?

Most believers of Shinto are Japanese. Shinto is an action-centered religion, focused on diligently carried out rituals. Shinto practices date back to the eighth century.

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