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Southampton Airport was created in 1917.

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Q: When was Southampton Airport created?
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When was Southampton Airport Parkway railway station created?

Southampton Airport Parkway railway station was created in 1966.

Which airport is closest to Southampton UK?

Southampton Airport

What is the post code for Southampton airport?

The airport code for Southampton Airport is SOU.

What is the closest airport to Southampton England?

Southampton has its own small airport.

Does Southampton have an airport?

Yes. The address is: Southampton Airport SO18 2NL If not, ask it again. :)

What is closest international airport to southhampton?

Southampton Airport - Southampton, United Kingdom (SOU / EGHI).

Which options are available for parking at the Southampton Airport?

There are options available for parking at the Southampton Airport, many of which is the park way station. Since Southampton Airport is located on the highway, make sure to booking for a parking space is required. This can be done on the Southampton Airport webpage.

How many miles is it from Portsmouth to Southampton airport?

19 miles taking M27 (WEST) towards SOUTHAMPTON. SOUTHAMPTON AIRPORT is at JUNCTION 5.

What airports are close to Southampton?

Southampton Eastleigh International Airport

Where can one find parking at Southampton Airport?

The Southampton Airport is located just outside of the city of Southampton in southern England. One can book parking at the Southampton Airport website. Additional airport parking information can be found on websites such as Trip Advisor, Parking BCP and Airport Parking Shop, among others.

When was Southampton created?

Southampton was created in 1964.

What is the mileage from Southampton to Bangkok?

From airport to airport, the distance is 5,988 miles.

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